Music and the Celtic Otherworld

celticharppan-200In early Celtic culture, music had a special spiritual significance, opening pathways to another world of dream, inspiration, and spirituality. Through music, meditation, drumming, and movement, we will re-connect with our Center, re-aligning with the sacred today. From the descriptions of the supernatural power of the fairy harp, to the sacred music of God’s Heaven, Celtic tradition has many examples of transformative music, chanting, and song, taken from Old Irish, Medieval Welsh, and Scots Gaelic sources.

We will learn about the various musical Performers in the Celtic sources (fairies, angels, Druids, or saints for example) and the Places, Times, and often dramatic Effects of their music–such as healing or putting one in a mysterious trance-like sleep state, the bewitching ‘fairy spell‘… We will explore the bardic and poetic tradition, and the special role of the musical branch and the Otherworld. Through music and sound, we will re-connect with Spirit in our everyday lives, accessing the rich tradition of mythology, folklore and history of the Celtic path.

Karen will also do some storytelling and play the wire-strung Celtic harp and flute. Explore with us… This workshop is led by Dr. Karen Ralls (University of Edinburgh), author of Music and the Celtic Otherworld (2000), Indigenous Religious Musics (2001), The Quest for the Celtic Key (2002), and The Templars and the Grail (May 2003).

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