Karen-photo-Oct2009Speaking Engagements

Dr. Karen Ralls is a dynamic and engaging speaker, both live and on-screen. She makes history ‘come alive’ in presentations, often using many visual aids, slides and / or music. Her gifts for making the academic accessible, and for giving a sound basis to the experiential, qualify her to address a very wide range of audiences, at diverse locations and events. From many types of conferences, teaching or academic settings, to media interviews, workshops / retreats or tours, she has shared a platform with many other leading speakers, artists, scientists and authors.


Specific information about future tours, talks and speaking engagements, conferences, retreats, etc. will be posted on the News section of this site and on the ‘Karen Ralls Author’ Facebook Page (click on ‘Note’).  To be kept up-to-date with the latest News and to sign up for the Newsletter, please see the ‘News‘ page of this website. To contact us about having Karen do something for your group or organization, pls write to  enquiries (at) ancientquest com.   Thank you!

Popular topics for her illustrated talks have included:

  • The Rosslyn Chapel Museum exhibition of Templar, Rosicrucian, & Guild regalia and history
  • Knights of the Quest: The Templars and the Grail
  • Jacques de Molay: the last Templar Grand Master
  • The Cathars and the Grail
  • Richard the Lionheart and the Third Crusade
  • A Short History of the early Habsburg Empire (1273-1700)
  • The Arthurian Grail Quest
  • St. Martin of Tours: Soldier, 4th c. Holy Man, & Hermit
  • Black Madonna Shrines in Europe
  • Rumi : Sufi poet, medieval mystic, shining Light
  • The enigmatic Tartan Mummies of Takla Makan
  • A history of the Medieval Guilds
  • Philosophy of the Druids
  • St Columba and Iona
  • Celtic cosmology, Science, and Consciousness
  • What is Hermeticism?
  • The Blessed Ramon Lull: Catalan mystic & alchemist?
  • Re-envisioning the Sacred: Sophia wisdom today
  • Gothic Cathedrals and pilgrimage
  • Apollo’s lyre: the spiritual dimension of Music
  • Celtic ‘fairy music’ myths and legends
  • Archaeo-astronomy and the megalithic people
  • (see seminars for many more topics for conference / after dinner talks, lectures, tours, etc…)

Venues where Karen has spoken, or is scheduled to speak for tours, conferences, lectures or retreats, include:

  • University College London
  • SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies, London)
  • Princeton University , NJ
  • Florence/Siena and Malta (tour presenter)
  • York/Durham/Rosslyn Chapel (tour presenter)
  • Oxford University
  • Chartres Cathedral (France; tour 2002)
  • University of California, Berkeley
  • Lake Placid, NY (Paraclete Arts Centre)
  • Rosslyn Chapel (Scotland; Discovery channel TV documentary, “World of Mysteries – Quest for the Holy Grail”, talk & flute music);
  • Stars and Signs tour (talk/music; Egypt 2003)
  • Glastonbury, England (tours)
  • Prophets conference (talk/music; Oxford)
  • School of Scottish Studies (Edinburgh University)
  • Theosophical Society (Edinburgh & London)
  • Transitions Bookstore (Chicago)
  • selected USA Borders Bookstores (see ‘Newsletter’)
  • selected Barnes & Noble bookstores (see ‘Newsletter’)
  • Edinburgh Festival Fringe 1993 through 2000
  • Scientific and Medical Network (Edinburgh)
  • Church of Scotland (Edinburgh)
  • Netherbow Arts Centre (Edinburgh)
  • Centre de L’Imaginaire Arthurien (Brittany)
  • Canonbury Masonic Research Centre (London)
  • Knights Templar of England and Wales (UK charity)
  • Hay-on-Wye, Powys (Welsh border)
  • New York City (bookstores)
  • Findhorn (Scotland), Minton House Retreat Centre
  • Watkins Books, London, book talk and YouTube filming
  • Gatekeeper Trust,  Pewsey conference

To enquire about booking Dr Ralls for conferences, after dinner talks, lectures, tours or for commissioning for media / publishing projects, please contact