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stonehenge-dawnExplore… Experience… Discover…

karen-rosslyn-219Find out how you and your group can go further on your Quest – through pilgrimages, tours, day field trips, meditation, music, the creative arts, and so on. Envision new possibilities… Experience the more experiential side of life…

Whether as a day workshop, a tour or pilgrimage to a far-away place, or weekend retreat a bit closer to home, Karen has done a range of different kinds of workshops for many kinds of organizations and venues.

She can work with your organization to plan something unique for your group and its needs, and is often asked to combine a seminar topic one evening, for example, followed by a workshop or longer retreat the following day/week. Or, an increasingly popular option, is to combine something with tours to historic sites.

Click through below to short descriptions of a few of the more popular Workshop examples, and for other tour seminar topics (particularly the new series on “Ancient Wisdom & Sacred Sound”), click here

celticharpMusic and the Celtic Otherworld

In early Celtic culture, music had a special spiritual significance, opening pathways to another world of dream, inspiration, and vision. Through music, meditation, and tours or walks to sacred sites, we will re-connect with our Center, re-aligning with the sacred today…

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green-man-60-dsRosslyn Chapel Museum Exhibition of Guild, Templar, & Rosicrucian regalia and history

Rosslyn Chapel, near Edinburgh, Scotland, is unique and famed worldwide for the beauty of its medieval carvings and for its special history. Of special interest to many is the new museum exhibition featuring Guild, Templar, Rosicrucian, Gypsy, Black Madonna, and Celtic artefacts, regalia, and symbolism…

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sacredstone-thumbSacred Sounds, Sacred Places: The Harmonic Earth

The ancients believed the natural landscape all around us is `singing’ a song of its own, having an inherent musical or harmonic quality. We will learn more about the recent important scientific and medical discoveries about sound, vibration and harmonics, and see slides of, or visit, early Celtic sacred sites…

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apollo-iconThe Magic Music of Orpheus and Apollo

Belief in a mystical or spiritual dimension of music is illustrated in early Greek myths about the magic lyre of Orpheus, Apollo, and Hermes. Come and learn more about `the magic of music’… Listen to, or sing along, with some songs from earlier times, and hear a live harp demonstration…

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rosslyn-gm-bullceltic-shieldOther workshop topics include:

  • The Knights Templar: A Quest through Time
  • Ancient Wisdom & Sacred Sound:
    e.g. British Isles; Greece; Malta; Egypt; Peru; Yucatan; India; Tibet; Australia…
  • King Arthur’s Quest: Arthurian sites, folklore and legends
    (A Celtic theme)
  • St. Columba’s Vision: Inspiration from Iona
    (A Celtic theme)


Other topics can be arranged – see the Seminars and Books pages for topics and subject ideas that might suit your organisation or venue.

If you would like to bring Karen to speak about her books, or teach in your area, or if you know of an organisation that sponsors similar workshops and Seminars, please contact Ancient Quest for further details.