Indigenous Religious Musics

indmus-284wEdited by Dr Karen Ralls-MacLeod
University of Edinburgh, UK

and Dr Graham Harvey
King Alfred’s College, Winchester, UK

(SOAS Musicology Series)


cd-mus-iconIncludes music CD




Celebrating the diversity of indigenous nations, cultures and religions, the essays which comprise this volume discuss the musics performed by a wide variety of peoples as an integral part of their cultural traditions. These include examinations of the various styles of Maori, Inuit and Australian Aboriginal musics, and the role of music in Korean Shaman rituals.

Indeed, music forms a key component of many such rituals and belief systems and examples of these are explored amongst the peoples of Uganda, Amazonia and Africa. Through analysis of these rituals and the part music plays in them, the essays also open up further themes including social groupings and gender divisions, and engage with issues and debates on how we define and approach the study of indigeneity, religiosity and music.

With information on available recordings, and including a CD of music from many of the traditions represented, this is a book which gives readers the opportunity to gain a richer experience of the lived realities of indigenous religious musics.



Karen Ralls-MacLeod & Graham Harvey
University of Edinburgh, UK
& King Alfred’s College, Winchester, UK

  1. Te Kaha o te Waiata – The power of Music: Maori Oral Traditions illustrated by E Tipu e Rea
    Peter Mataira
    Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand
  2. From Here into Eternity: Power and Transcendance in Australian Aboriginal music
    David Turner, University of Toronto, Canada
  3. Sacred and Profane: Music in Korean Shaman Rituals
    Keith Howard
    School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS), University of London
  4. Maasai Musics, Rituals and Identities
    Malcolm Floyd
    King Alfred’s College, Winchester, UK
  5. Appeasing the Spirits: Music, Possession, Divination and Healing in Busoga, Eastern Uganda
    Peter Cooke
    School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS), University of London
  6. Chasing Off God
    Jan G Platvoet
    Leiden University, The Netherlands (retired)
  7. Sounding the Sacred: Music as Sacred Site (the Search for a Universal Sacred Music)
    June Boyce-Tillman
    King Alfred’s College, Winchester, UK
  8. Emerging Amazonian Peoples: Myth-chants
    Guilherme Werlang, University of St Andrews, Scotland
  9. Structure into Practice: A Theory of Inuit music
    Christopher Trott, University of Manitoba, Canada
  10. The Music of the Mescalero Apache Girls’ Puberty Ceremony
    Anne Dhu McLucas, University of Oregon, USARecordings
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Publisher: Ashgate, London
Hardback, c.256 pages
ISBN 0 7546 0249 4
Release date: February 2001
Music CD: Recordings of powerful music from many of the traditions represented in the book. Includes music CD


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